Smile – A new creation’s coming!

I was half asleep (nothing new there!) It felt like I was in a sea of murky water with all my stress and strain swirling around me; my mind thinking about the ‘what ifs’ and when would this pandemic end. It was a dark moment. Then I saw something else above me but I couldn’t make it out. Then the swirling took over again. But then something there, high above again having a different influence and this time I saw it was a light. The swirling came again but so too did the light. ‘What is that?’ I asked myself. Then I realised it was the Light of the Risen Christ, like the glory of God shining into the gloom of my life. The swirling came again but now my mind was more alert to the Light and I turned my thoughts there, looking above. And then a smile, surprisingly my smile, a smile in the midst of darkness! All this took no time at all but it had a profound affect upon me. 

My wife, Joan, has a favourite song by Chris Tomlin called ‘Is He Worthy?’ Chris sings a question and the people answer. Two particular lines are:

‘Is a new creation coming?’ ‘It is.’

‘Is the glory of the Lord to be the light within in our midst?’ ‘It is.’

Advent is about the Glory of the Lord coming in Jesus at his Birth, the Messiah coming into our midst. He comes to make all things new, to be the Light in the darkness of our fears and anxieties. We can look forward to Christmas because Jesus comes into our lives bringing through his Birth the light of hope, love and joy…and so we smile!

Our thoughts at this time, of course, are with our young people at Derian House, with Shelley our Transition Support Worker and the rest of the Team. Involvement with these young people has given us insights into what they and their families go through every day including Christmas Day. Our hearts go out to them as well as our prayers and love. We appreciate so much what Shelley and the Team do for those with life-threatening conditions. We’re so encouraged by the many initiatives Shelley and others have taken during this strange year bringing laughter and smiles, and the enjoyment of life now!

LifeNoW’s Trustees are pressing into new and exciting ventures for these young people and their families. There’s a new creation coming and LifeNoW is at the forefront of that initiative bringing hope and a future which will spread throughout the North West and North Wales. The Trustees are to be applauded and congratulated for their initiatives and inventiveness. Into the difficulties of life-threatened lives LifeNoW shines the light and hope of the glory of Christ and I, for one, believe that makes the Saviour of the World smile!

George Thomas
George Thomas – Patron

George, Co-Founder of LifeNoW and retired Trustee!