Road Ahead!

There are changes on the horizon for the Trustees. Sue & Herbie Witts have decided to stand down from LifeNoW as from the beginning of this year. Alison White who has been a Trustee for the past 3 years has found the combination of doing LifeNoW work while meeting the demands of being a senior lecturer at John Moore’s University a bridge too far and she will also stand down from this month. Additionally, George Thomas informed the Board towards the end of last year that the time has come for him to withdraw which will happen this summer.

Now you may think there’s trouble at t’mill with this exodus!

This isn’t the case – We can’t emphasise that enough: there are no problems, no falling out, no issues; the Board of Trustees is a good place to be and all is well.

We do, however, need to appoint new Trustees. We are in the process of arranging to meet with two people, one of whom has already expressed interest in becoming a Trustee, the other has advised the Board in recent years. As the Lord has provided in the past so he will do so again in the present – this his work and he knows what he’s doing! 

As a prayer supporter now is a most definite time for you to take a decisive role by committing yourself to fervent prayer for LifeNoW.

George Thomas

A Supporter at the Samlesbury Hotel in September who told us that as soon as she receives a LifeNoW email she prays! Can we encourage you to do something similar, please? 

It may be that you, yourself, have thought of becoming a Trustee. If this is the case please make contact. Or you may know someone whom you feel would fit the bill, in which case have a word with them and pass on our details if they’d like to find out more.

And let us rejoice that we have a God who knows all our needs and has promised to provide!

Amen! Alleluia!

LifeNoW Trustees