A New Design for Life NoW

Life NoW was established in 2010 with a vision to serve the needs of young adults with life-limiting conditions. Among the driving factors which have led to the need for Life NoW has been the clearly evidenced need to address the gap in the provision of age and developmentally appropriate services for young adults with life-threatening conditions.

Our aim is to begin to providing services in 2018/19 in the community, around individuals and in the home. This will enable Life NoW to establish a reputation for excellence in supporting young adults and working collaboratively with NHS, social care services and hospices.


Revisioning and Repurposing Hospice Support

Life NoW aims to be a specialised healthcare and support designer for young adults with life-threatening conditions.  

We are developing two distinct and complementary services:

  1. A Home and Lifestyle Support team around the family based on registered home care support from specialised Life Now Carers.
  2. Clinically led Enhanced Care Support team of nurses providing support to the team around the family, reducing the need for inpatient care and supporting respite care.


We are in the process of developing a number of projects that will help to establish the services and operate in various localities in a complimentary way with NHS healthcare and hospice services.

We have found that the gaps in provision vary from area to area so if you want to talk to us about how we might create a service solution beyond those highlighted above, we would be happy to talk with you.

If you are interested in what we are doing please get in touch.