Lifting Restrictions

George Thomas

George Thomas, Patron

At the time of writing there is a likelihood that the restrictions we’ve all experienced will be lifted on Monday 19th July. For many this will be a relief and a great benefit. For our young adults and their families there will be some benefit but many restrictions will continue because they’re permanent. 

Restrictions to do with eating, drinking, walking, speaking, sleeping, dressing, washing, going to the toilet etc., will continue. For many the restrictions of a wheel chair will continue. Difficulty of access into certain buildings will continue. Restrictions to do with medication will continue for them and their families as medicines are administered through the day and in some cases through the night. Restrictions of thought about the future will continue: will I live to 21, will I ever marry, will I have children, can we plan a birthday celebration with confidence it will take place, can we plan anything with any confidence? The restriction of knowing there is unlikely to be much improvement as the days and months and years (hopefully) go by. The restriction of not knowing how long they will be together with a heightened expectation of losing them. While many of us are looking forward to ‘normality’ once restrictions are lifted, a life of restrictions is their norm

So as the majority of us return to ‘normality’ let’s not forget the young adults and their families whose ‘normality’ is full of restrictions. While you may be unaware of their names, nevertheless pray for them, hold them in the Lord’s embrace and your embrace that their restrictions may prove that little less trying and inconvenient, that provision will be made to overcome some restrictions which will help them to live a less restricted life, a better life now. Pray for Shelley our LifeNoW Family Support Worker who has such love and compassion for these young adults and their families. Pray for the development of her work and the increase of the creative ways she finds to engage with them. Pray too for the team at Derian House who support her work.

Please also pray for the Trustees: Stephen Sloss, Denise Parker, Gill & Steve Booth, and Richard Morgan. They are doing a tremendous work as they develop plans for LifeNoW in the future intending to increase the number of LifeNoW Family Support Workers in the North West and North Wales. Consider prayerfully whether God may be calling you to join them as a Trustee. Make contact with them through to explore this possibility.

In your prayers consider making regular donations to LifeNoW to ensure the work is firmly established financially. LifeNoW has grown and developed because of the commitment of people like yourself who have faithfully prayed God’s blessing upon this mighty work. Thank you so much.

George Thomas, Patron & Co-Founder of LifeNoW