Inspired by You

The seeds of Life NoW were sown in 2007 when George Thomas his wife, Joan, visited Helen & Douglas House, then the only hospice for young people in the UK. A vision developed to meet the needs of young adults in the North West: Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, the Isle of Man and North Wales.

For a number of years and until recently the mission has been to establish a hospice service and building in the North West. Following research and extensive consultations with NHS professionals young adults and families a new vision has emerged.

It is clear that the overwhelming desire of young adults is to remain active in the community and at home with those they love or living independently for as long as is humanly possible. Going to institutions, hospitals and buildings for support, whilst necessary at times and for certain conditions, unavoidable, is not the preferred solution.

Young adults want to be free from the “institution” whenever possible. At Life NoW we are responding to this desire and taking the advice of NHS professionals who agree that supporting young people to remain at home for as long as possible is the best way to provide support.

So, we are in the process of creating a new nursing service that will manage and coordinate our response to the North West’s End-of-Life Care Model with a specific focus on responding to the needs and challenges of advancing disease and conditions and to become involved with young people and their families as soon as possible.

Complementary to this nursing response we see the need to provide practical support at home for some families in the shape of a team of healthcare assistants and social care personal assistants that will be supervised and managed by our nursing service. This will be a high-quality offer and one which helps individual young people and their family get the best out of every day.

To help us achieve this vision we are at the point of establishing a base of funders, volunteers and team members.

This is a serious multi-million-pound venture that requires good and sustained backing. Does this speak to you?

As Christians, we are inspired by the Love of God to serve and support anyone of any faith or creed or none. We need volunteers who will appreciate our ethos and values and seek to be part of something great to support families. Does this speak to you?

We are recruiting for our nursing service and for teams to support families. We’d love to hear from you!

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