The Vision

The development of Life NoW has 3 distinct phases along our journey:

Foundation Phase (2012-2016)

Our current phase in which we aim to:
  • Raise the profile of Life NoW
  • Raise the awareness of the need for the palliative and respite services Life NoW will provide for young people in the North West
  • Accelerate the much needed fundraising to bring our vision to life
This phase is expected to run through to 2016 and conclude when sufficient funds are in place to purchase land and when a design has been approved for the building of the Life NoW Centre.

Building Bonanza (2016–2018)

The Building Bonanza phase will see the construction, equipping and commissioning of the Life NoW Centre and the recruitment and training of the wide range of staff necessary for its running. Our current aim is to have completed the building phase by the end of 2018.

Serving & Sustaining (2018-)

The Serving & Sustaining phase is where all the hard work and effort starts to pay back through the provision of respite and palliative care to young adults from across the North West in the Life NoW Centre. With the continued support of our funders this is planned to be sustained year on year, with the opportunity to further expand our range of service provision where needs and funds allow.

What is this all going to cost?

At present our target is to raise £6M to take us through the Foundation Phase and Building Bonanza stages, with an estimated £3M required per year thereafter to sustain the Life NoW Centre.