Why a Life NoW Centre?

Because there is no dedicated building for young adults with end-of-life and life threatening conditions in the North West. Stacey’s Mum wrote (see article ‘A Parent’s Experience’): “A children’s hospice isn’t the right environment now for someone Stacey’s age but the adult unit of the hospice is even less suitable.”

Sister Francis, who has some thirty years experience of hospice care comments, ‘‘A children’s hospice environment is unlikely to be suitable for someone who’s 16 or over, but neither is an adult hospice…”
A Life NoW Centre will fill the need.

While Life NoW has a Christian foundation, the Life NoW Centre will be open to people of any faith and to those who hold no particular faith.

What about provision in children’s hospices and adult hospices?

Children’s hospices in the North West may accept young adults to a prescribed age, usually 25. Facilities are shared with children or limited. Thereafter, provision may be in independent living, or through social services, or other charities. Adult hospices may provide limited care; regular respite care for young adults is not usually within their remit.

Where would the Centre be?

The Life NoW Centre will be strategically placed to serve the North West of England. Close to a town with amenities for young adults. Additionally, the Centre would seek to serve the community as well as encouraging the community to serve the Centre.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care provides young adults with a place to rest, recuperate, recharge their batteries, and actually, to get away from brothers and sisters, Mum and Dad as all young people like to do! It’s also important for parents. Thankfully young adults are living longer – this, however, has a knockon effect: their parents are getting older (see ‘Unmet Needs – A Parent’s Experience’.) Parents need respite, rest for a short time, so they can recharge their batteries. As one parent said about looking after their child, ‘There are 7 days in a week, and those 7 days keep recurring!’

What is Transition?

This is the process from children’s services to adult services. This is receiving more attention than ever before.

How many young adults are we talking about?

Life NoW has been investigating the matter of numbers since Day 1. Amazingly no one has to hand the number of young adults in the North West with end of life and life-threatening conditions. Derian House in Chorley has 54 young adults aged 18+.

How many beds?

4/5 with one extra for emergencies.

How much will it cost?

£9 million! This is obviously an estimate. We think it will cost some £6 million to buy the land and build. We then need to have in place £3 million for the first year’s running costs.

Why now in a time of recession?

You can’t put care on hold until the economic climate improves! We would all move heaven and earth to help our loved ones whatever the financial situation. The need to care for young adults is going to grow rather then decrease. Medical science is enabling young people to live longer, which is wonderful. Life NoW wants to be there for these young people providing care for them and their families asap.

One last question – will you be part of something great?

Will you join us in this great adventure, to see this vision fulfilled? We believe we can do this but we need your assistance. What can you do? Help with fundraising, make a regular donation, hold a fundraising event, become a prayer supporter. Make contact with us today.